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Misty Lackie

I am an entrepreneur who has developed multiple software products & ecommerce sites that combined have serviced over 70,000 customers nationwide.

In my spare time I am either out on the beach jogging with my dog, working on robotics projects, building things with electronics or hanging out with family. I also have a passion for teaching kids how to code and run multiple coding & robotics clubs in my local community. I create kid friendly STEM projects that I share in schools, clubs and online in order to get kids excited about STEM.

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Business Owner/Software Developer

Go Smart Solutions, LLC (Apr 2002 to Present)
  • Developed and grew an email marketing SaaS product from $0 to $900k in revenue its first year in business and brought it cash flow positive within 3 months after launch.
  • Built & launched multiple SaaS products from the ground up which combined have generated millions in revenue.
  • Programmed a system that imported, formatted and updated over 1 million foreclosure listings on a daily basis from RealtyTrac data and automatically posted the listings to multiple real estate portals. The program also created SEO landing pages for each listing which resulted in over 500,000 monthly listing views and thousands of new sign ups to RealtyTrac.
  • Developed an inventory management program that automated large portions of ordering, inventory and drop-shipping for multiple ecommerce sites resulting in a 20% decrease in labor costs.

Business Owner/Software Developer/Business Development

Advantly Advertising Agency (Nov 2012 To Sep 2016)
  • Developed landing page creation software, ad creation software, tracking software and a reporting system that was used by our clients and internal staff. The software reduced the time media buyers spent on ad campaigns by over 50%.
  • Developed and grew a TV show review content site to over 400k unique monthly visitors and $15k monthly revenue.
  • Grew our revenue to $50k monthly within 8 months after launch and on a bootstrap budget by selling to inbound leads.
  • Implemented successful advertising campaigns for Solar City, OneRoof Solar and Sunpro Solar that resulted in hundreds of solar leads per month.
  • Hired and managed a small team of digital advertising specialists.

Systems Support Manager

Alloy, Inc (1998 To 2002)
  • Managed company servers, databases, applications and intranet for CCS/Alloy.
  • Trained & managed staff on how to use software and provided daily support.
  • Programmed departmental applications for streamlining operations.
  • Helped transition legacy order entry and data warehouse system over to new system.
  • Helped merge CCS call center & warehouse software into Alloy after the merger took place.

Coding, STEM & Mentorship Projects

Tech & STEM projects for kids

These are some of the recent projects I have done with young kids and teens. These projects were done in K-12 class environments or in clubs at local schools. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in doing any of these projects in your school.

Coding Club (Intro To HTML & JavaScript)

This year I ran an after-school coding club at Branch Elementary School that taught students how to program games using HTML & JavaScript. In this club we used the CodeDigs software platform that I developed. Learn more about the coding club here

Learn To Program Minecraft Mods (Intro To Programming)

I ran a summer Learn To Mod club that taught students how to code by programming Minecraft mods. We ran these clubs out of our office and taught over 60 kids how to code that summer. Read about it here.

Entrepreneurship Mentoring (New Tech High)

This year I have worked with the CCNTH DireLights student run business mentoring the students on how to grow their sales with digital advertising. This included showing them how to do keyword research, competitive research and how to leverage 3rd party marketplaces to generate more sales.

Build BattleBots (Adruino & Robotics)

This year I ran a robotics club at Trivium Charter School for 5th to 8th graders. Students learned how to build sensor controlled robots and BattleBots using the Adruino and other parts. Read more about the battle bots from here.

Make Bug Bots (Intro To Circuits)

This was a project done in a K-1 class to introduce students to circuits. I taught the kids how to build mini bug bots using toothbrush heads, vibrating motors, cell coin battery and other parts. Read about the bug bot from here

Make a Tin Robot (Magnetism & Circuits)

This is a project done in a K-1 class as a fun way to learn about magnetism. The kids learned how to built tins bots using magnets and different parts that can stick to magnets. They also learned how to add a motor & battery to it in order to get it to move. Read more about the tin robot from here.

Make a Bubble Blowing Machine (Simple Machines)

This was a project done in a K-1 class as a fun way to learn about simple machines (wheels & axle). The students learned how to build a fully functional bubble blowing machine. Read more about the bubble blowing machine from here.

Play Dough Circuits (Electronics & Circuits)

This was a project done in s K-1 class as a fun way to learn about electronics. The students learned how to build circuits connecting lights, buzzers, motors and switches. Read more about the play dough circuits from here.

Build a Retro Arcade System (Raspberry Pi & Electronics)

This was a club I ran at at Trivium Charter School for 6th to 8th graders. The students learned how to build a fully functional retro arcade system out of a shoe box using the Raspberry Pi and other parts. Read more about the retro arcade from here.

Christmas Tree Circuit Ornament (Circuits & Electronics)

This was a project done at in a K-1 class as a fun way to learn about circuits & electronics. The students learned how to build a parallel circuit using a battery, conductive copper tape and LEDs. Read about the Christmas Tree Circuit Ornaments.


I would love to hear from you

You can get in touch with me through the various social networks I am a part of such as LinkedIn, Facebook or through my company website at Go Smart Solutions, LLC.